“Lika Bibileishvili is a jewel among the pianists of the young generation. She played my piano cycles KOSMOS and BUCH DER STERNE with a brilliant technique and a sensuous sound that is without equal. Under her hands, a piano becomes a fireworks display.” Wilfried Hiller

Lika Bibileishvili was born in Batumi, Georgia. At the early age of 10, she attended the piano class of Prof. Medea Shaladze at the Georgian University of the Arts in Batumi. While studying in Georgia, she already gave concerts with the Ajara Symphony Orchestra. At the age of 12, she was playing concertos such as Rachmaninov’s First Piano Concerto and performed the Second Piano Concerto by Camille Saint-Saens when aged 14. She has already won several national and international competitions as a child prodigy.

In 2008, she started studying with Prof. Franz Massinger at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich (HMTM). She changed to Prof. Volker Banfield in 2011, then studied in the piano class of Prof. Antti Siirala since 2014. Especially Volker Banfield is still an important mentor, and her intensive work with him has significantly influenced and inspired her musical development.
In 2015, she received her master’s degree with distinction. Then she started her postgraduate studies at the Mozarteum University Salzburg in Prof. Peter Lang’s class in 2016. At the same time she attended masterclasses with Elisso Virsaladze, Ruvim Ostrovsky, and Naum Shtarkman (professors from the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory). Dmitri Bashkirov has commended her “extraordinary musical and intellectual abilities.”

During her studies, Lika Bibileishvili received a scholarship from the “Live Music Now” organization established by Sir Yehudi Menuhin. She has been given numerous opportunities to perform both as a soloist and a chamber musician as part of its concert series.

In 2018 she recorded her Debut CD with works of Prokofiev, Ravel, Sibelius and Bartók. The Album immediately had huge resonance in the media and was internationally acclaimed. Some important music magazines spoke enthusiastically about her extensive musicality and the overwhelming virtuosity. Since then, International Radio shows have continuously been presenting the debut CD of the Georgian pianist.

In 2020 she was invited to give her Debut Concert at the Klavierfestival Ruhr, where she had an opportunity to bring a live recording of the concert to her second CD. Furthermore, in 2021 other german well-known Festival Altmark Festspiele invited her to perform Shostakovich’s 2nd Piano Concerto for the final concert. In 2022 she was invited for a debut tour in Japan, where she successfully performed two different programs in six recitals. In 2023 she is invited to give her debut recital at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival.
Since 2008 Lika Bibileishvili has been living in Munich, Germany.

“What fascinates me about the piano is its unlimited possibilities of sound and harmony. It is one of the most perfect and powerful instruments that exist in the world of music. I would like to inspire my listeners with my deeply-felt music. My aim is to make every note reach people’s hearts.” She manages to transmit that same enthusiasm to audiences in concert halls: “My goal is to ensure that every note penetrates into the hearts of the audience.”
Lika Bibileishvili